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Flex Roll-Up Standee

This Flex Roll-up standee, also known as a flex banner standee or simply a standee, is a type of advertising display commonly used in events, etc.

flex standy

Promotional Canopy

This Promotional canopy, also known as a promotional tent or branded canopy,  is a portable shelter that is used for promotional and marketing purposes.


Garden Umbrella Center Pole

A garden umbrella with a center pole, also known as a patio umbrella or market umbrella, is a type of outdoor umbrella that is commonly used to provide shade.

Garden umbrella center pole

Wooden Easel Stand

A wooden easel stand is a freestanding structure used to support an artist’s canvas or other artwork during the creative process. It typically consists of a wooden frame with adjustable legs.

wooden easel stand<br />

Exhibition Gazebo Tent

An exhibition gazebo tent, also known as an exhibition canopy tent or exhibition marquee, is a temporary structure used for various events, exhibitions, trade shows, and outdoor promotions.

exhibition gazebo tent<br />

Backdrop Stand

A backdrop stand, also known as a background stand or backdrop support system, is a framework used to hold up and support photographic backdrops and backgrounds. 

flex standy

Advertising Canopy

An advertising canopy, also known as a promotional canopy or branded canopy, is a type of portable shelter used for marketing and promotional purposes.

flex standy

 Pagoda Tent

A pagoda tent, also known as a Chinese hat tent or a pagoda marquee, is a type of tent structure that is characterized by its distinctive roof shape, which resembles the traditional tiered roofs of East Asian pagodas. 

Pagoda Tent

PVC Promotional Table

A PVC promotional table is a type of portable table used for promotional events, trade shows, exhibitions, and marketing campaigns. It is constructed using PVC  material. 

flex standy

Advertising Door Stand

Our advertising door stand boasts a sleek and modern design that effortlessly grabs attention. Crafted from premium materials, it guarantees durability and longevity, ensuring your message remains vibrant and impactful.

flex standy

Gazebo Tent

Gazebo tent is a grab to ensure that it can solidly support the entire roof on the ground. it is used for Weeding, cooperate events, indoor and outdoor, commercial, etc

flex standy

Promotional Ro Table

 The promotional ro- table is a folding and elegant tool. Brandway foldable promotional table. This Size is 7-8 feet in height etc. It is hard plastic.

flex standy

How it works

We Will Build Your Design

whatever you want to design and fabric our company it’s your help. So come to us in my company.

Choose your product or item

 You want to choose our products just like Gazebo tents, Promotional canopies,  Hoarding boards, Roll-up standees, etc.

Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

As your wish, we will deliver your products just like a portal, rapido, uber, etc.

Real Ads Solution exceeded expectations with their professional, knowledgeable, and committed team. They helped achieve business goals and strengthened online presence.

Real Ads Solution exceeded expectations with their professional, knowledgeable, and committed team. They helped achieve business goals and strengthened online presence

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Our Brand or Design on Canopy,Gazebo Tent & More.

We are an advertising and manufacturing company that offers various products such as Canopy, Gazebo, Promotional Umbrella, Roll Up Standee, Wooden Easle Stand, etc. You can choose the fabric and color of your choice. We provide quality products from concept to completion. Contact us for other product inquiries.

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Real Ads Solution is a company founded by an entrepreneur in Delhi, India. They offer a range of event management services including picnics, trade shows, and camping.